Find out the charges for Payroll outsourcing and other services such as tax filling and checks delivery, which can dramatically differ across the industry.
Payroll Pricing
Payroll Pricing

 Single employee prices

 Types of systems


Company and it’s location 
 Full payroll service

$25 per pay period (bi-monthly);
$35 for year-end filings

 Retailer, Hudson, Massachusetts
 Direct deposit included; also all state and federal tax forms

 First month free, then
$9.95/mo for 3 months, and $10/week after that

 Retailer, Portland, Oregon
 Online entry, all taxes and forms, and full training

 $51 per month

 Advertising professional, West Jordan, Utah
 All services including year end and quarterly filings

 app $20 per month

 Broker, Vienna, Virginia
No extra charge for quarterly filing and year end reports

 $18 per month

 $18 per month
 Full payroll service

 $10 per week plus $1.50 per check

 Business Services Provider , Deep River, Connecticut

 Prices for 2-9 employees

 Monthly fee-based service, not payroll-based, and it’s possible to process as many payrolls each month as it needed

 $23 each month

 Insurance agent, Garland, Texas
 Including workers comp, tax filing

 $33.95 per payroll period

 Manufacturer, Aurora, Ohio
 Include all Human Resources advice and biweekly paychecks and required payroll reports. Does not include deposits to government

 $7.50 per check

 Business Services, Andover, Connecticut
 Direct deposit included

 Free for first month, $9.99 for next 2 months, $25-$42/month thereafter

 Entertainment Company, Orem, Utah
 Quarterly payroll processing

 $20 per payroll

 Educator, Liburn, Georgia
 Full service payroll, payment of all state and federal taxes, and all year-end tax statements

 $31 per month

 Consultant, Orinda, California
 Full payroll service for 7 employees

 $52 per week

 Consultant, Oceanside, California
 Local service, handbooks, and customer service

 $133 per month

 Retailer, Shreveport, Louisiana

 Prices 10+ employees

 No set up fee for new hires and free access to website. 30 checks weekly with direct deposit

 $250 a month

 Media company, Grand Island, Nebraska
 Payroll processing, tax deposit preparation, quarterly pay periods, year end report filing, and W-2s at no additional charge

 $20/payroll plus $1.05/check, monthly

 IT professional, Austin, Texas
 Full service payroll, local service and training

 $55/month, biweekly pay period

 Consultant, Burtsonville, Maryland
 All inclusive, online services, and unlimited direct deposits per employee

 $46 per pay period

 Computer software professional, Roanoke, Virginia
 All services as quoted by the other companies

 $2 per check, $3 per W-2, $10 delivery

 Insurance agent, Atlanta, Georgia
 125 employees, all inclusive. Vendor provides time keeping service

 $175 per payroll, weekly pay period

 Business Services Provider, Shirley, New York
 All inclusive

 $120 per payroll, biweekly pay period

 Non-profit business, Albuquerque, New Mexico

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