Florida Museum of Science and Industry with one of the most innovative and hands-on exhibits in the country, purchases Abra Payroll.
Florida Museum of Science and Industry
Florida Museum of Science and Industry

Florida_Science_Industry_MuseumFlorida’s Museum of Science & Industry nicknamed “MOSI” was opened in 1982. Now MOSI is one of the most popular educational destinations in the Southeast, with some of the most innovative and hands-on exhibits in the country.

Bringing It All Under One Umbrella
MOSI includes an IMAX Dome theater, a gift shop, and 25 separate support divisions, such as operations, food and beverage, finance, marketing, and janitorial. The museum nearly faced a disaster of its own – because of its inability to accurately forecast budget and project payroll. Its online payroll system was unable to efficiently integrate with its general ledger. As a result, the accounting and payroll departments had to manually re-key departmental salary, taxes, and benefits information into a centralized payroll and general ledger component.

Since each of these departments conceptually operates as an individual business, with their own P&L statements, benefits package, salaried workforces, and more, the museum had to be able to estimate costs by functional area in order to assess departmental profitability. “We were definitely beginning to feel the rumbling of trouble,” says CFO Jeanette Baker. “We needed a much more flexible and powerful budgeting and reporting tool.”

”While MOSI’s previous payroll system did enable online payroll processing, it was delivered through an application service provider (ASP), which allowed for few customizations to enable functionalities like detailed or ad hoc reporting.” “Most of our reports couldn’t be customized,” explains Baker. “We needed a system that enabled department heads to manage their profitability and, at the same time, allowed corporate executives to see the holistic financial picture.”

The museum employs a large number of temporary and seasonal workers, so it needed to process on-demand checks between pay cycles. In addition to integration and reporting flexibility, MOSI also needed to process payroll more quickly. “It just became too frustrating, because we realized there had to be a better system – one that solved all of our needs,” says Paula Borrer, payroll processor for MOSI.

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