Read how Link Staffing Services, one of the staffing organizations, took a solution to use payroll.
Link Staffing Services
Link Staffing Services

link-staffing-servicesLink Staffing Services is a franchised staffing organization that specializes in placing quality people in skilled crafts, trades, and light industrial positions on a temporary, temp-to-hire, or permanent basis. Innovative Employee Solutions® for payroll and profits administration with their in-house staff is currently used by them.

Their problem was the company could not place the in-house employees on their payroll for more than 60 days at a time. Thus they needed a solution. Moreover, it was a small company. That's why, they did not have the resources nor the time to handle the administrative burdens associated with payroll and human resource administration. Besides, it couldn't attract the best employees because it didn't have a competitive profits program. The reason of this was the limiting of resources.

As a solution, Link Staffing puts its in-house staff on IES's payroll and saves time and money. So, all the responsibility and paperwork associated with payroll and profits administration was handled. Thus Mike Smart, Owner, could focus on growing his business.

An urgent factor for hiring the best employees are profits the employees are offered. By offering a full range of profits the attractive package is usually a dealmaker for hiring his internal staff.

As an employer using Innovative Employee Solutions® Link Staffing is relieved to have IES by its side. They take care of all of the administrative issues and also they make payrolling easy.