Find out what kind of system Pyramid Human Resources Limited is. Read what it offers to its clients.
Pyramid Human Resources Limited
Pyramid Human Resources Limited

human-limitedPyramid Human Resources Limited is a software house. It specializes in the development of integrated payroll and human resource solutions for medium and large companies.

Pyramid is a multi-user Client/Server system. It has been developed to assure that it meets all the needs a user could want from a payroll. This system used the latest software development tools to do it.

The Pyramid Software is fully complete. This system keeps full control of your data. And that's why you are assured because it is secured and always audited. It also integrates easily with Microsoft Office and all major report writers.

This system gives us an opportunity to recognize the importance of support and how critical this is to end-users. Consequently, their philosophy is to make sure that if you contact their help desk they will do their best to resolve your questions at once.

Pyramid is a new style software house. It recognizes the way to write and support software for the 21st Century. For developing the software they use prompt application development tools. They can remove any software problems easily before they go out to site. And for this task they have professional quality control. The savings they make by this approach assures they can supply quality software at reasonable prices.