Discover how Severn Trent Water provides payroll services to companies. Read what stages it had passed before doing this.
Severn Trent Water
Severn Trent Water

severn-trent-waterOver eight million customers across the heart of the UK are served by Severn Trent Water. It brings nearly two billion litres of drinking water a day to homes and businesses, and taking waste water away to be cleaned and safely returned to watercourses throughout the Midlands.

The main task of it is providing a broad range of water and environmental services to organizations throughout the UK, from taking care of water quality standards to protecting onsite water and wastewater assets. It also works to create an environment that can be enjoyed by all, by maintaining footpaths, planting trees and improving access to recreational sites.

Severn Trent Water is the world's fourth largest privately owned water company that provides payroll services to companies across the ST Group and has over 7,000 people on its payroll.

Critical Challenge: Reducing Cost
For paying their employees Severn Trent Water previously used an Oracle payroll and human resources solution. As the system was extremely costly to get, the management team thought about eliminating this cost. It allowed them to put the money to better use elsewhere. They thought it would provide greater value for their customers.

"We seemed to be constantly investing capital in the upkeep and upgrading of the system. Working in a highly regulated industry, we needed a solution that could provide the full range of payroll and HR functions, but at a greatly reduced maintenance and support cost. We also had to ensure that the company we selected had a satisfactory development plan so we could see where the product was going, " commented Chris Blakesley, pay and profits manager.

A Flexible Approach Reaps Rewards
Then Severn Trent Water began a procurement exercise for finding a new payroll and HR system.  As a result they chose Trent from Midland HR & Payroll Solutions.

When the system had been performed, Severn Trent Water wanted to include the processing of costs claims, primarily for business mileage.

Self-service Helps Curb Workplace Absence
Moreover, Severn Trent Water has rolled out other parts of the Trent system including recruitment and training. They also added a manager self-service function for 850 managers. Chris said that the key profit of the self-service module was that managers could record absence online, meaning that information was more current. He also added that they had an absence reduction initiative to increase employee attendance and that system helped them to work towards reducing absence levels by 0.7% and offering a higher pay package.       

Employee Self-service Available for All
Severn Trent Water rolled out self-service to 4,500 employees. Chris said that initially people could to look at their employee record and change basic information such as bank details and marital status.