Look through the information that shows you the real payroll sales income. Find the example that will help you to enlarge your income.
Payroll Sales Income
Payroll Sales Income

You may wonder how much can somebody make at this or that? And the answer is very simple. How much do you want to make? That's how much you can make.

Here is how you make money. Every processed payroll you share in the revenue of that payroll. Every payroll! You will get a percentage of the revenue every time the client will be billed for any non-pass.
How much? Twenty percent?

Let's take an example:
A biweekly payroll for 15 people is set up with you by Sally's Beauty Shop. The billing is the following:

 Payroll Service 65.46
 Delivery 10.00
 Tax 5.23
 TOTAL 80.63

The delivery and tax pass through expenses. It means that expenses that are paid out to third parties. In this case you are unable to mark them up much if any.

The remaining 65.46 is available to be split up. In this case it can be taken 80% or $52.37 or $ 13.09 for our cervices. But there is the residue and it is yours. Times 26 times a year. To get an annual total $340.34 plus 20% of any additional that is billed through the year. That much again the next year and the next. The payroll service prices can go up. If it will be so, in this case your share will do the same. The revenue may go up and this means that Sally enlarges and hires more people. And your share will do the same.

Your income depends on how much payroll service revenue you create. But let's back to the example of Sally's Beauty Supply. In that business you could easily receive revenue of $4000.00 over ten years. If Sally grows and enlarges it may be done several times.

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