Here you will find the table that shows the amount of yearly overpayment.
3. Overpayment
3. Overpayment
Studies have shown that the average employee is overpaid for 10 minutes per day. A manually prepared payroll will surely contain an error.  If the error shorts an employee, payroll is sure to hear about it, but what about overpayments to employees? Many hourly salaried workers today manually fill in their timecards. According to the statistics of American Payroll Association, the average overpayment of work time is 10 minutes per day, per employee.  This amounts to employees receiving a lot of extra pay per year and costs employers lost productivity and profits.

The following example illustrates the annual cost of overpaying half of the estimated actual of just 5 minutes a day (number of employees x 255 working days per year x average hourly rate, with overhead cost equal to hourly rate):

  Number of Employees

Average Hourly Rate








 $ 5.25




 $ 7