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PayCycle's Online Payroll Services
PayCycle's Online Payroll Services

paycycleIf you want to add more services to your practice, then pay your attention to PayCycle. Believe, it is worth a careful look. It was designed for small businesses with less than 50 employees. Moreover, it's very attractively priced so that you can turn a benefit. With PayCycle's Wholesale Service for accounting professionals, you pay $14.99 per client per month for the first 5 clients and $9.99 per client per month for clients 6+. Be sure there's no upfront cost or minimum contract. Receiving discounts that are based on client amount, accounting professionals may an opportunity tow diminish the cost to as low as $9.99 per client, per month. Thanks to PayCycle the managing client payroll is easier. Because PayCycle make this by providing instant and accurately calculated paydays, automated forms and electronic payment and filing features for state, federal, and payroll taxes. In many states end-to-end paperless payroll is offered by PayCycle.

Navigation screens guide you through the complete payroll process.  The last includes setting up the service, creating paychecks, making federal and state tax payments and filings, and creating W-2 forms. As the overview screen lets you access client data from any location, there is no need for training or manual. In this case you will have two ways: either you will manage each payroll yourself in minutes, or will have your clients shared the duties. There is also a choice for you to have clients log in to their account and process paydays, or create paychecks, and make tax payments. Before your clients begin to endorse paychecks or tax returns, you can log in and review client entries and also make necessary adjustments.

Each pay period you have a payday reminder that is sent with PayCycle. Using the pre-filled payday screens, you have a great opportunity to prepare checks or professional pay stubs in seconds. All you need to do is entering employee hours and then PayCycle automatically calculates tax and voluntary deductions for each paycheck. You should know that your best choice for payment is free direct deposit. Just click a button and off it goes. Printing pay stubs and paychecks at your office or on the client's own printer is also the advantage that it gives you. Having the ability to login to secure website, employees of your clients access their pay stubs anytime.

PayCycle's task is to calculate tax and voluntary deductions for paychecks. That's why federal, state, and local tax calculations will be precise. Multi-state tax withholdings are supported for employees outside the state in which the client business is located, and this is the next advantage. PayCycle also calculates pay for salaried and hourly employees, regular overtime, double overtime, paid time off, bonuses, commissions, allowances, tips, expense reimbursements, voluntary deductions, and adornment.

Including EFTPS, state tax payment support (electronic where available), electronic 940 and 941 filings, electronic W-2s, and state tax forms, PayCycle accomplishes with state and federal regulations. PayCycle makes sure you know what to do and when to do it, reminding you of tax deadlines. For special tasks you may have email reminders.

Multiple comprehensive reports include Payroll Summary, Payroll Details, Deductions, Last Paycheck, Tax Liability, Taxes and Wages, Total Pay, Tax Payments, Worker's Comp, Vacation and Sick Pay, Billing, and Total Cost. One-click export to Microsoft Excel is also supported with PayCycle.
PayCycle makes more for attracting new business. Helping you to do this, it offers personalized marketing brochures, best practice resources, and white papers. PayCycle integrates with the leading small business accounting solutions, including QuickBooks, QuickBooks Online Edition, Microsoft Money.