Here you can find special terms and definitions of quickly changeable Payroll software industry.
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Hand-drawn check
A manually prepared payroll as opposed to an automatic system-generated check/advice slip normally used for paychecks. Direct Deposit is not available for hand-drawn checks.

Home Department
The department that support the employee's payroll and personnel records. If an employee works for more than one department, only one department serves as the "home department".

Monthly pay period
The monthly pay cycle starts from the 1st and ends at the last day of the month with payday on the 26th of each month. If the 26th falls on a weekend or holiday, then pay day is the last working day before the 26th.

Enlisting a payroll service provider to process your payroll, as opposed to handling it internally.

Pay Period
It’s the period of time between payrolls. There are such pay periods as, monthly, semi-monthly (twice per month), bi-weekly (every other week), and weekly. If you require some other pay period, such as daily pay, check to see if the solution you are considering offers it.

Pay Base
The method for calculating the standard pay. There are two most common methods of base pay: salary and hourly. However, manufacturing workers may be paid per item made, on a piecework basis.

Pre-tax Deduction
Payroll deductions that are exempt from taxes such as medical, dental, PPAs, and tax deferred retirement contributions.

Resident Alien
A non-US Citizen making a permanent home in the U.S. A Resident Alien is taxed the same as a US Citizen.

Generally, A Non-Resident Alien (NRA) may only work for the institution that sponsored his/her admission into the U.S.

Tax Filing
The most popular add-on service offered by payroll service providers. With this service, a provider agrees to file your company's payroll taxes.

Tax Tables
Some payroll systems make it possible for you to enter your own tax table information, which you can get free from government sources. In most cases, you download the new tax table data over the Internet and your payroll application is updated within seconds.

Tax Treaty
Certain countries have a tax treaty that gives certain exceptions to Federal tax withholding. Each country's tax treaty with the United States is different.

Withholding Tax
Both State and Federal income taxes are withheld from your paycheck in accordance with tax laws. These deductions are deposited to your credit with the State of California and the Internal Revenue Service.

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